Mike McGuire

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Mike McGuireHonorary 10th Dan Grand Master Certificate

7th Dan Chun Kuk Moo Sool
6th Dan Natural Spirit International
5th Dan Tang Soo Do
2nd Dan Tae Kwon-Do
Instructor: Arnis, Kali
Defensive Tactics Instructor
Expandable Baton Instructor
NFA MIRQ Firearms Instructor
Range Officer

NRA Qualified Firearms Instructor / Range Officer
Close Protection Specialist

Mike McGuire started his martial arts journey in 1974, in Calgary Alberta, under the tutelage of then 7th degree Master Lee Joon Jae. After several years teaching in Calgary, Mr. McGuire opened his own club in Red Deer Alberta in 1985, followed closely by satellite clubs at Red Deer College, Rimbey, Innisfail and Lacombe. In 1993, Mr McGuire was introduced to the Filipino martial arts and was trained by the likes of Punong Guro Edgar Sulite, and Richard Bustillo as well as receiving rank from Punong Guro Dan Rutano and Datu Kelly Worden.

It was also around this time that Mr McGuire met Mr Eric Breuer, a black belt in Chuck Norris' UFAF, a KunTao instructor, Founder of Chun Kuk Moo Sul, and close protection specialist with the Connecticut State Governors Security Detail. Mr McGuire became a member of Mr Norris' Chun Kuk Do organization and maintains a relationship with Mr Breuer to this day.

Mr McGuire continues to take part in seminars both as a participant for upgrading purposes, and as a facilitator, teaching Filipino stick and blade concepts as well as Defensive Tactics to include empty hand combatives, impact and edged weapons and Tactical Firearms. He briefly had a coaching relationship with the Gunsite Training Center and has advanced firearms training from numerous institutions in the U.S. Mr McGuire has worked and trained with military, law enforcement, Border Patrol, and SWAT teams to name a few. He is a charter member of ILEETA, International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association. Mr McGuire was formerly a member of one of the largest private close protection teams in the country, has worked close protection for celebrities, worked a function involving a former President of the U.S., and continues to work on a contractual basis in Executive Protection.   


Mike McGuire

 Many years ago, Mr McGuire developed the SMART System, Streetwise Martial Arts Response Tactics. This is a multi level personal protection program based on martial arts, defensive tactics, and military combatives principles. This is in conjunction with Mr McGuire's experience "on the streets" as an Emergency Medical Provider, and seeing first hand, the effects of trauma and assault, and Mr McGuire's own history of growing up on those mean streets and being a survivor. As a martial artist for over 42 years, and a product of his environment, Mr McGuire is uniquely qualified to teach personal protection in a reality based format, as it should be.

In 2002, Mike was appointed to the Edmonton Boxing and Wrestling Commission as a Commissioner and tasked with organizing the sanctioning of MMA for Edmonton. Mike and several other Commissioners travelled to Las Vegas to meet with UFC President Dana White, the Nevada Athletic Commission and their fight doctors. That same year, Edmonton became only the 2nd jurisdiction in Canada to legally sanction MMA.

Mr McGuire's educational background includes a Bachelor of Physical Education Diploma, and Emergency Medical Technicians Certificate with 1st year Paramedic ratings. He was an (STFA) fitness appraiser at Red Deer College and obtained Level II Athletic First Aid and Coaching ratings. He is also a competent marksman with numerous firearms platforms, and an NFA / NRA range officer. He is an accomplished skydiver with well over 600 jumps logged.

Mike McGuire - Rising Sun Tactical Trainer

 When not training, shooting, or falling out of perfectly good airplanes, Mr McGuire can be found riding his mountain bike, or motorcycle for recreation.

Mr McGuire & Ms Cooper opened Rising Sun Martial Arts Supply LTD in 1995, and promote martial arts participation "literally" on a daily basis.

As if that wasn't enough, they established Rising Sun Tactical as a mobile training entity focusing on defensive tactics and tactical firearms training.


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